Programa oficial de visitas guiadas

The ghost of Méchain and the Paris meridian (re-enactment)


Saturday, October 14th (10 a.m) Location: Desert de Les Palmes Monastery car park Duration: 2 hours. Difficulty: easy. Recommended for families. Price: €5 (€2.50 concessions). Description: It is a little-known fact that one of the minds behind the metric system conducted research in the hills of the Desert de les Palmes to determine the […]

14 de October de 2023

Monasterio Padres Carmelitas

The wild parties at Benicàssim’s Villas (reenactment).


Thursday, october 12th (11:00 a.m.) Place: Villa Elisa Duration: 90 minutes. Distance: 1 km. Difficulty: easy. Price: €5 (€2.50 concessions). Description: The Villas district, particularly the area popularly known as “El Infierno” (or, Hell), was famous in the early 20th century for the lively (and looonnng) parties held by the wealthy property owners. We will see the preparations for one of […]

12 de October de 2023

Villa Elisa

Geocaching at the Interpretation Centre PN Desert de les Palmes “La Bartola”


Monday, October 9th (11 am) Place: “La Bartola” Information Centre Duration: 2 hours. Difficulty: easy. Recommended for families. Price: €3 (€1.50 concessions). Description: Geocaching is one of the most fun ways for our little ones to really dive into their surroundings: using a GPS and coordinates gathered as a family, participants will arrive at a variety of places where, during […]

09 de October de 2023

Centro de Interpretación La Bartola

Hemingway and the Villas at War (reenactment).


Saturday, October 7th (11 am) Place: Villa Elisa Duration: 1.5 hours. Distance: 1 km. Difficulty: easy. Price: €5 (€2.50 concessions). Description: The Villas of Benicàssim were requisitioned by the Republican government during the Spanish Civil War, and they served as hospitals and logistical centres for treating the wounded from the International Brigades and the battles of Teruel and Madrid. Recommendations: Animals are […]

07 de October de 2023

Villa Elisa