Benicàssim, the best choice all year round.

Benicàssim has an excellent climate and orography that allow it to offer a wide range of sports activities throughout the year. Whether you prefer indoor sports or you prefer to enjoy nature while practicing your favorite sport, Benicàssim is the ideal place.

In Benicàssim you can enjoy mountain biking along its cycling routes, or sailing along the coast with one of the boats of the Sailing School. You can practice individual or team sports, compete, or simply enjoy your favorite sport in an incomparable setting.

Loan and rental of bicycles in Benicàssim

alquiler de bicicletas benicasim

Bicycle pick-up points are:

  • Sports Pavilion
  • Torre de Sant Vicent Street, s/n

Schedule: Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 9 pm. Sundays from 9 to 14 h.

Phone: 964302662


Be at least 18 years old.

Deposit a deposit of 50 € per bike, which will be returned when the bike is returned in perfect condition, as well as the helmet, the anti-theft device and the lights.

Fill out and sign a loan request form. Documentation required: ID card – driving license – passport, contact telephone number.

Only 1 bike can be rented per person and a maximum of 7 days (1 rental per person per month), for 1 day of rental you must return before the end of the closing time.

The use of helmets is mandatory according to traffic regulations, the municipality is not responsible for injuries or accidents occurring during the use of bicycles.

The bicycles and loan equipment are delivered in perfect condition. The bicycles are equipped with a “use it” anti-theft device. You are responsible for the bicycle and accessories when they are damaged or stolen, you agree to return them in the same condition and to abide by these rules.

In case of late return – 1 month for each day of delay without being able to have a loaner bike.

In case of theft or damage to the bicycle caused by negligent use, theft or damage to the helmet, theft or damage to the anti-theft device, theft or damage to the front and rear lights – the deposit of 50 € will not be refunded, and you will not be able to request the loan of bicycles.


Address: Castellón Avenue, 58. Benicàssim
Phone: 663 221 206
Sale, rental and maintenance of bicycles and skates.


Address: Albéniz Street, 21. Benicàssim
Phone: 964 392 506 – 689 037 316

Sports facilities in Benicàssim

Av. Ferrandis Salvador, 49

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 C/ Torre Sant Vicent, 41

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Routes and hiking in Benicàssim

Villa Route

Cycle Tourism Route

Hiking in the Desert