Places of leisure in Benicàssim


What activities do we offer?

Educational reading promotion workshops: targeted at children ages 7 and under.
La Escoleta visits the library: library visits for children from the local school, “la Escoleta”.
Book club: for adults.
Informative meetings: relatives of young children(both pre-reading age and early readers).


F. Pérez Bayer Library – Palmerar Reading Point – Santa Águeda School Library.
What are the requirements for taking part?
Free activities. Pre-registration required. Limited group sizes.
Information and registration available at the Local Public Library and the Palmerar Reading Point.
Tel: (+34) 964 300 962 (ext. 268/269)


For children ages 2 to 7, the registration period is from 12 April. Activities commence on 26 April both at the library and Palmerar Reading Point.
For babies aged 9 to 24 months, the registration period opens on 1 October. Activities begin on 14 October at the Bebeteca (Infant’s Library).

Download leaflet on reading promotion activities (in Valencian)