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Would you like to live an unforgettable experience? In Benicàssim, besides enjoying the tranquility of the sea, the good weather and the Mediterranean gastronomy, you can live 360º experiences throughout the year.

Upcoming Events in Benicàssim

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Inclusive excursion with Joëlette wheelchairs.

Programa oficial de visitas guiadas

Desert de les Palmes


The land of red sandstone.

Programa oficial de visitas guiadas

Desierto de las Palmas


The ghost of Méchain and the Paris meridian (re-enactment).

Programa oficial de visitas guiadas

Desierto de las Palmas

Get to know Benicàssim from above with a virtual tour, a 360º experience of the city

Festivals in Benicàssim

Music, theater and dance are here. With them, those nights of evening strolls, get-togethers, outdoor fun and, above all, live music are back. Music to the rhythm of summer runs through our veins. Benicàssim is synonymous with festivals.

Here you have all the festivals in Benicàssim regardless of the genre or style of music you like.

Year after year they are more recognized nationally and internationally which makes us want to improve and offer you a fun, safe and eager to repeat experience.

Guided Tours in Benicàssim

Visit all the charming corners of Benicàssim with our guided tours. Explore, perceive and enjoy to the fullest with your family, as a couple or with friends.