Check the sea state

What do the flags mean?

The green flag indicates good bathing conditions. and that you can swim and dive without problems. It is placed when the sea is calm, there is no debris in the water or any other danger. It is also influenced by the state of the rest of the beach, since what it indicates is that no risk situations are detected for people visiting the area. However, the sea can change suddenly, so no flag is permanent throughout the day.

The yellow flag is placed with a higher swell and indicates that caution should be taken during bathing. At first sight it seems that no prohibition is associated with it, but there are some details that are not known. The Civil Guard explains that it is “forbidden to bathe where the bather does not touch the bottom with his head out”.
This color will fly at the lifeguard station if the waves have a height of approximately one and a half meters or there are moderately strong currents. But the yellow flag also warns of other dangers, such as dirt, jellyfish and other marine animals.

Be careful with the red flag. In this situation, bathing is prohibited because it poses a serious risk to the life or health of people. It is most likely due to intense swell and strong sea currents.
It indicates a serious risk, so it also warns of other frequent dangers when the sea is rough, such as dirt, marine animals or adverse weather.

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