Benicàssim Belle Époque

Benicàssim Belle Époque is an activity that aims to enhance the tourist value of the most relevant, differentiating and unique elements of the municipality’s tourist resources and, therefore, become a benchmark of the province of Castellón’s cultural and heritage space in terms of historical recreation.

The Benicàssim Villas area, built mostly by the Spanish bourgeoisie in the first third of the 20th century, although the first villa dates from the late 19th century, was a place where the cultural trends of the time were evident in Castellón society.

The architecture of the buildings, the modernist ceramic decorations and the uses and customs of the early decades of the century, influenced by historical events, fostered a moment of splendour for the villas and for Benicàssim.
Taking the culture, traditions, crafts and trades of the time, and the collective memory of that period of splendour as an example, we seek to create an event with tourist appeal to raise awareness of our heritage and cultural value which is focused on a specific and remarkable space such as the Benicàssim Villas and the heart and soul of the town itself.

Therefore, the aims of this event are:
- Generate an activity to attract tourists and visitors.
- Deseasonalise tourism in the city. The celebration has thus been planned outside the town’s peak season dates.
- Remember traditions, culture and significant events for Benicàssim, such as the grape harvest.
- Promote and preserve the municipality’s historical and documentary heritage.
Benicàssim Belle Époque is designed for all audiences, from the little ones up to adults and seniors, as it hosts a compendium of activities with different approaches and uses to satisfy all audiences. The activities are held in different spaces and places around the town.

The event will be held from 6 to 8 September in 2024.

Programme 2023

Find out more information on the website: Benicàssim Belle Époque