Benicàssim, ¡Torre a la Vista!

Historical Recreation of Torre de Sant Vicent

"Benicàssim, ¡Torre a la Vista!" is an activity designed for the whole family which aims to become a benchmark in terms of the historical recreation of Benicàssim’s cultural and heritage space. It is not surprising to find that the area around the Torre de Sant Vicent will become the heart and soul of this event which will host over 40 activities each day, including shows and workshops.
The Pepe Falomir Almela Amphitheatre will become the perfect place to warn of the presence of a ship, enjoy the pirate arts or witness a sword fight between the Berbers and inhabitants of the village.

But, above all, "Benicàssim, Torre a la Vista!" is an ideal occasion to introduce the little ones to history. Puppet shows, sea legends and treasure hunts are some of the activities that aim to showcase Torre de Sant Vicent’s historical and heritage value.

In 2024 it will be held from 29 to 30 Juny.