Quality and Environmental Policy on beaches

The City Council of Benicàssim, a local public body, is aware that its extensive coastline is a fundamental pillar for the tourist and economic development of the municipality and that the competitiveness of tourist destinations is based on the sustainability of its natural, economic and cultural resources. It is aware that the beaches are a limited and fragile resource so it has decided to carry out a proper management of its beaches through the implementation of a Quality and Environmental Management System, according to the UNE-ISO 13009 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards.

The City Council of Benicàssim, with the implementation of the Quality and Environmental Management System, aims to achieve the satisfaction of all the people who visit the beaches of the municipality. It guarantees, in turn, a monitoring of all activities carried out on the coast, establishing mechanisms for continuous improvement in collaboration with all sectors of the municipality, ensuring with them the evolution, both in the environmental quality of its coastline, as well as in the services provided.

The City Council of Benicàssim is committed to establish initiatives to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, while the demands of users or other requirements applicable to the activities taking place on the beaches. To do this, it will promote the participation of all staff and users in the protection and improvement of the coastline, through training and awareness mechanisms, focusing on communication at all levels.

The City Council, within its possibilities, undertakes to establish the technical and economic means necessary to curb pollution and prevent it at source. Annually, it defines and periodically evaluates quality and environmental objectives in order to promote continuous improvement in its beaches.

With the implementation of the Beach Management System, the Benicàssim Town Council aims to maintain the richness of our coastal ecosystem, as well as to raise awareness and sensitize all those who visit our coasts, making them participants in this project and seeking to achieve beaches that can meet the highest standards of quality.

Benicássim, May 17th, 2016