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Addicted to the sun (theatrical St. John’s eve performance)

Sailing school



Thursday 23 June (22:30)

Place: Sailing School. Avenida Ferrandis Salvador, 49

Duration: 2 hours.

Distance: 1 Km.

Difficulty: easy. Families and general public.

Price: €5 (€2.5 concessions).

Description: Welcome to the shortest night of the year! Still don’t know how to celebrate it? With the help of a zany character who thinks he’s an Egyptian priest and a tourist with a tanning addiction, we’ll become followers of a new sun-obsessed religion that will get us back in touch with nature’s rhythms, as well as teach us the importance of looking after our skin when the summer sun gets a bit too much.

Recommendations: Animals are not allowed during the activity (except for guide and assistance dogs).

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