Anatomía de una Travesía (Anatomy of a Journey) by Xelo Serrano

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Anatomía de una Travesía (Anatomy of a Journey) by Xelo Serrano

From 12 to 29 May 2022, Thursday to Sunday from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Xelo Serrano's artistic work presents a transmutation of a woman in her internal struggle to discover her own sexuality, and symbolically represents anyone who is going through similar processes of acceptance and inclusion.
The exhibition reflects a process, a journey through the sensations created by the meandering lines that surround this space. Every gaze is filled with emotion.
Her creation, immersed in magical realism, is surrounded by symbolism: the woman becomes the central figure and is a tireless warrior in a constant struggle for acceptance. In addition, we encounter red as the dominant colour, which represents strength, fire, blood, passion and, ultimately, revolution.
As you walk through the room, you can contemplate the journey of the artist from her beginnings to her end point, creating a dialogue with the viewer. The work expresses the doubts, uncertainties and endless battles to rediscover the turning point that the central figure of the exhibition, the woman, is unable to find in the midst of a society entrenched in conventionalism.
To interpret the technique used to produce her work — pencil, pen and marker on wood or paper — we must go back to her childhood. Interwoven lines follow one after the other, warp and weft, shaping figures to give them volume and movement. This is the same method used by her mother who taught her to draw while embroidering delicate fabrics to turn them, almost without realising it, into authentic works of art.
This innocent child, who is still Xelo today, used to watch those delicate hands move between needles and frames with a curious gaze. Now, the artist's lines and the soft threads of her predecessor have been transformed into a single expression for memory.
Emilio Martínez

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