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From Banu Qasi to Benicàssim. Stories of the history of our town (with the Carmelitano winery)


5,00 €€


Monday 11 April (11 am)

Place:  Fuente del Señor (opposite the Church of Saint Tomás of Villanueva) https://goo.gl/maps/6j4FjVmgKJQKgBtXA

Duration: 2.5 hours.

Distance: 2.5 km.

Difficulty: easy.

Price: €5 (€2.50 concessions).

Description: Inhabited perhaps since the Bronze Age, the Benicàssim area conceals a number of historical and cultural secrets so diverse that they extend beyond the boundaries of the city itself. Starting from the original heart of Benicàssim at the Centinela castle, dating from the late Muslim period, we will explore the streets and squares that, through many hardships due to the unrelenting attacks from corsairs, finally gave life to a town that, against all the odds, ended up being a pioneer of the tourism industry in Spain and known as the Biarritz of Valencia. The tour will be rounded off with a visit to the Carmelitano winery and distillery, where we will also learn about the major cultural and festive events that take place throughout the year in the town (music festivals, patron saints’ celebrations, the paella festival, art exhibitions, etc.).

Recommendations: Animals are not allowed during the activity (except for guide and assistance dogs).

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