Monday 31 October (6 pm/ 7 pm/ 8 pm)
Location: Sant Vicent Tower Information Centre. Avenida Ferrandis Salvador, 1
Duration: 45 min.
Distance: Around the Tower.
Difficulty: Easy Family-friendly. Children 8 and up.
Price: €5 (€2.50 concessions).
Description: Legend has it that within the walls of Sant Vicent Tower, there is a spirit couple that tends to appear during the Night of the Dead. Indeed, Sant Vicent Tower, with its over four hundred years of history, has been witness to countless occurrences yet to be fully understood. If you are brave enough, come along with us to investigate on one of the spookiest nights of the year.
Recommendations: Animals are not allowed during the activity (except for guide and assistance dogs). Children must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.

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