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Don’t fall asleep, tower keeper!

Torre de Sant Vicent Information Centre



Saturday 23 April (11 am)

Place:  Torre de Sant Vicent https://goo.gl/maps/vzXSk1YSj4o9Ms617

Duration: 1.5 hours.

Distance: around the Tower.

Difficulty: easy. (Recommended for families).

Price: €5 (€2.50 concessions).

Description: A vast defensive system of towers, walls, castles and garrisons was intended to defend the Valencian coasts from unrelenting attacks by Berber pirates. The edifices were extremely sturdy, but the people living in them were not always as strong. The tower keepers tasked with defending them were poorly paid and often somewhat neglected their work, even falling asleep as the corsairs entered the town under the cover of darkness with treacherous intentions. Our tower keeper will find a way to solve his problem: teaming up with the pirates!

Recommendations: Children 5 and up.

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