The Valencian

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a select group of families from Castellón and Valencia built in this virgin bay what is known as the "Valencian Biarritz", a group of villas of great architectural diversity and richness.

Today, the famous Route of the Villas is divided into two itineraries, according to the artistic current predominant at the time of construction and the character of the original residents.

Thus, the "Inferno" route owes its name to the scandalous parties that took place in the villas of that area, while the "Celestial Court" route was distinguished by the tranquillity of its streets. The two areas are separated by the gardens of Comín, popularly known as "Limbo".

List of villas

Nevertheless, there are 51 listed villas, 19 of which are marked. In addition, four buildings have a full level of protection. Visit them

1. Villa Solimar 10. Villa Mª Julia 19. Villa Socorrito
2. Villa Camilleri 11. Villa María 20. Villa Amparo
3. Villa el Barco 12. Villa Rosita 21. Villa Victoria
4. Villa Iluminada 13. Villa Vicentica 22. Villa Carpi
5. Villa Santa Cristina 14. Villa Gens 23. Villa Paquita
6. Villa Marina 15. Cuatro Villas 24. Villa Fabra
7. Villa Mª del Carmen 16. Villa del Mar 25. Villa Elisa
8. Villa Dávalos 17. Villa Pons 26. Villa con Torre
9. Villa Santa Ana 18. Villa Rafaela 27. Hotel Voramar


Audio guides

The Benicàssim Town Hall makes available to all visitors the online audio guide service by accessing the Audioguide Benicàssim page you can listen to it whenever you want. The audio guide is available in 6 languages (Spanish, Valencian, English, French, German and Italian).