Benicàssim kicks off the dog-friendly season for its beaches

30 October 2022

Dogs will be able to visit Benicàssim’s beaches from 1 November to 1 March

Benicàssim, 30 October 2022

Peak season is over, and Benicàssim Town Council is opening up its beaches to dogs starting 1 November through the municipal pet ownership ordinance and the municipal ordinance on safely using and enjoying beaches. “For the second year in a row, dogs are going to be able to enjoy our beaches up to 1 March, and the municipal ordinances on pets visiting our beaches are to be followed, and owners are to fulfil their duties so that we can all enjoy our beaches together,” stated the mayor, Susana Marqués. In this regard, the ordinance states that dog owners are required to always keep their dogs under control and leashed, with any dogs considered potentially dangerous required to wear a muzzle. Owners must also respect sanitation and dog poop clean-up rules.

The signs at the beach entrance specify the dog-friendly period and the rules, and as Marqués added, “it’s important pet owners are aware of this, so we can all work together to keep our beaches clean.

In addition, over the course of this period “Town Council will continue to require beaches are kept clean and will provide the services needed to do so in order to keep beaches healthy, in accordance with the College of Veterinarians' reports”, stated the Health Councillor, Vanessa Batalla.

The councillor took the opportunity to remind everyone that Benicàssim Town Council is still running its “Your Pet, Your Responsibility” campaign, aimed at reminding pet owners of their responsibility to pick up after their pets “in order to help stop bad smells and keep the town healthy and easy to live in, while also helping stop street furniture damage”. This initiative includes handing out cleaning and sanitation kits, along with information on the campaign, which is all available at Benicàssim Town Council’s Health Department, located on the ground floor of the cultural centre.

Meanwhile, the councillor in charge of Beaches, Works and Services, Elena Llobell, stated that part of the beach work planned over the following weeks includes “dissembling and packing away peak season facilities such as walkways, changing rooms and signs in the area for beaching vessels and lighting. We are also working on a set of boardwalk and beach improvements”. In this sense, the Town Council is currently working to replace the boardwalk’s signs and to get the beach entrances for cleaning vehicles ready along with the foot washing stations. Other works planned for this period include setting up stormwater drainage systems and replacing small patches of artificial turf around the Sant Vicent Tower area of the boardwalk. Lastly, after the dog-friendly season ends, sand will be sifted and lifted and beaches put in tip top shape for the Easter holidays. Plus, more efforts will be made to clean up beaches and analyse sand.

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