Local Festivals


Saint Antonio Abad and Saint Águeda
In honour of San Antonio Abad, Benicàssim puts on its finery on 17 January for the beginning of one of the most acclaimed local festivals of the year.
There is the procession, the offering to the patron saint, the parade of floats accompanied by the distribution of "coquetes" (traditional blessed cake), and night-time bonfires.

The pilgrimage to the Santa Águeda hermitage is celebrated on the Sunday closest to 5 February to commemorate it being the place where the locals received the Town Charter.

Paella Day
Who doesn’t like a good paella?
Benicàssim Paella Day is one of the most anticipated events and it draws in a bigger crowd during the Saint Antonio Abad and Saint Águeda Festivals. This festive day, which has been celebrated since 1980, preserves the tradition of this delicious culinary dish and makes Benicàssim a benchmark for this typical Valencian dish par excellence.

The main streets of the town are filled with locals, tourists and visitors who prepare and taste their own paellas. There were more than 800 paellas in the last edition.

You can reserve a place to take part or request more information on (+34) 964 30 09 62.
Due to the uniqueness of this event which combines tradition, food, festivities and participation, Benicàssim Paella Day has been awarded the Valencian Community Declaration of Autonomous Tourism Interest.


Benicàssim Easter Week
Easter Week is spent with absolute devotion in Benicàssim, as it brings numerous brotherhoods together. Holy Thursday is the busiest day for the Tamborà, which features the participation of numerous brotherhoods from all over the province of Castellón. Absolute silence, which is only broken by the sound of the drums in procession, dominates the streets. These give way to the Holy Hour, which is followed by the Stations of the Cross.

Corpus Christi
During the day of Corpus Christi, the streets where the Eucharistic procession takes place are carpeted with natural flowers. The residents of the town are responsible for making attractive and elaborate floral designs to carpet the route of the procession. The result? Decorated streets full of vibrant colours.


The Night of Saint Juan
The Festival of Saint Juan is celebrated at midnight from 23 June to 24 June.
This mythical and magical night is very special for locals and the most superstitious among them have all kinds of rituals. There are shows, fireworks and folk dances, and typical sweets and muscatel are distributed. According to tradition, it is very popular to wet your feet at the beach at midnight, light bonfires and make a wish. It is the prelude to another warm summer.


Saint Tomás of Villanueva Festivities
The Saint Tomás de Villanueva festivities usually take place during the week of 22 September. There is dancing, bull runs, bullfights and fireworks, all presided over by the Queen of the main and children's festivals and her Courts of Honour.

In addition, we mustn’t forget the food days and live music in the streets.