Q for Tourism Quality


The SCTE -Spanish Tourism Quality System- certifies the service, facilities and management of Spanish tourism companies. It is a voluntary certification, which indicates the commitment of entrepreneurs to implement improvements in the quality of their products and services.

The SCTE is composed of specific rules for each sector, the system is flexible, open, self-regulated and voluntary.

The Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) is the Spanish certification body for these Quality Systems, which is private and independent.


The Q Mark, the most visible element of the entire system, whose generic name is ‘Spanish Tourism Quality‘, and is common to any activity related to tourism services or products. The ICTE administers and manages this mark exclusively, issuing, where appropriate, the corresponding update for its use and monitoring its proper use.

The Q Quality Mark complies with a series of characteristics that provide prestige, differentiation, reliability and rigor to certified tourism establishments.

• PRESTIGIOUS, the Mark demonstrates the commitment of the certified establishment to achieve full customer satisfaction, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations, offering them excellent service.

• DIFFERENTIATING, The Mark can only be obtained by those establishments that ensure the quality levels established by the Service Quality Standard.

• RELIABLE: Because the mechanisms used to assess compliance with the requirements of the Regulations are independent of the sector itself and are designed in accordance with intersector regulations.

• RIGOROUS: Because in order to gain this recognition, it is necessary to pass objective tests established in the Regulations and Standards.

• PROMOTION: by the administrations for consumers. The Spanish Tourist Quality Mark, with over 2,000 establishments certified with the corresponding stamp, is beginning to be recognised nationally and internationally. This recognition, both on the part of national consumers and by issuing operators and consumers, is a primary objective offering positive results.
Beaches and Establishments Certified with Q for Tourist Quality by the ICTE (Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española – Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality)

The number of tourist companies in Benicàssim achieving the “Q” for Spanish Tourist Quality is gradually increasing among the town’s tourist sector:


Nombre Dirección Fecha de Certificación
Hotel Intur Azor *** Avda. Gimeno Tomás, 1 20/12/00
Bonterra Resort Avda. Barcelona, 47 31/03/03
Hotel Intur Orange **** Avda. Gimeno Tomás, 9 01/12/05
Hotel Intur Bonaire **** Avda. Gimeno Tomás, 3 01/12/05
Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Benicàssim C/ Sant Tomàs, 74 26/11/07
Playa Voramar Passeig Marítim Pilar Coloma 27/06/08
Playa L’Almadrava Passeig Marítim Pilar Coloma 21/07/09
Playa Torre Sant Vicent Passeig Marítim Pilar Coloma 23/07/10