Quality Decalogue Benicàssim Tourist Office.

  1. We are a Tourist Information Services Network that maintains local initiative and peculiarities, while working together for the Valencian Community with enthusiasm and team spirit, complying with legal and visitor requirements.

  1. Our goal is to understand and satisfy the needs of visitors to improve the enjoyment of their leisure time in the Valencian Community. To do so, we evaluate their satisfaction and analyze their quality expectations.
  1. We work for a quality tourist destination. We promote the tourist resources and services of our municipality, offering alternatives in the whole of the Valencian Community.
  1. We always maintain a positive and cordial attitude in dealing with tourists. We understand that Personal Quality differentiates the service provided and leads to gratification for the work done.
  1. The philosophy of Quality Service must be known and applied by all components of the Tourist Info Network and transmitted to all our customers (internal and external). We promote quality management to all the staff of each Tourist Info Office, in particular, and of the Tourist Info Network, in general.
  1. We offer fast, accurate and personalized information. To do so, we use the human and technical resources available, with a clear commitment to innovation and the use of new information technologies.
  1. We are the mirror of our tourist destinations and of the Valencian Community. That is why we take care of our personal image and that of our offices, within the corporate image of the Tourist Info Network. In the same way, we take care of the environment of our tourist destinations and of the Valencian Community, assuming an informative work in this matter.
  1. Knowing our customers allows us to anticipate their needs. We welcome complaints and suggestions because they help us to improve the quality of our service on a daily basis.
  1. Our improvement as professionals is based on continuous training and creativity. Continuous improvement in the attention to our visitors is a basic principle of our work.
  1. The Protocol of Quality in the Customer Service of the Tourist Info Network is the fundamental pillar to transmit a Quality image of the tourist destinations of the Valencian Community. As professionals of the tourist information, we know the importance of our work and we know that it is in our hands to give an added value of Quality to the information services of the Tourist Info Network.