Tourist Info Benicàssim with the environment

From Tourist Info Benicàssim we are aware of environmental protection and we make it an important part of the management of our office. That is why we have incorporated into our work system a series of actions aimed at minimizing the environmental aspects derived from our activity.

We are gradually replacing the lighting system in the tourist office with energy-saving luminaires. In addition, we have defined a series of good environmental practices carried out by the office staff to make responsible use of energy (lighting and air conditioning system). These actions have allowed us in the last 6 years (period 2011 to 2016) a 60% reduction in energy consumption.

In this sense, from Tourist Info Benicàssim we are working on the calculation of the carbon footprint of our activity, which allows us to identify targets for improvement.

In addition, good environmental practices aimed at reducing paper consumption are carried out, printing only what is necessary and using the paper used for internal note-taking. In addition, the paper used for printing comes from recycled paper.

The users of our offices also participate in our efforts to reduce paper consumption by selecting only the information they need. To facilitate this task, Tourist Info Benicàssim has placed several messages in the self-service area.

Tourist Info Benicàssim minimizes as much as possible the generation of waste by carrying out a correct selective separation of waste before being managed through authorized waste managers.

A system of environmental indicators is in place to monitor resource consumption and waste generation, which is kept up to date. The results of the office’s environmental performance are communicated to interested parties through the tourism office. These are used to establish improvement actions aimed at protecting the environment.

As for our suppliers, Tourist Info Benicàsim prioritizes the purchase from those suppliers that comply with the environmental and quality standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, so that the cleaning products used are purchased from certified companies.

“Every small gesture matters: lets protect the environment”