Pesca Turismo – El Paraiso



This activity is completely linked to the sea and Mediterranean culture. Committed to sustainable tourism and environmentally friendly. It is an experience-based tourist activity marked by the gastronomic character of our culture and linked to seafood.

Outings in a professional boat to learn about the daily life of the fishermen which takes place all year round. As well as appreciating our fishermen’s hard work to bring fish to our markets every day, you can enjoy the disconnection at sea, the beautiful panoramic views of our mountainous coast and the Columbretes Natural Park during days of fishing tourism. You can occasionally spot cetaceans and learn about the customs and seafaring culture of the area while enjoying the rich gastronomy with recently caught local produce for maximum freshness and flavour that you will not be able to taste so authentically anywhere else.

In these times when it is so necessary to make people aware of the importance of caring for the environment and the sustainability of our resources, what better way to learn and value them than during an unforgettable day of experience-based tourism on the high seas tasting both the culture and the freshly caught seafood?

Share this unforgettable experience with friends and family as something unique to enjoy during your stay in Benicàssim.

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