Padres Carmelitas Museum


Exceptional Works and Collections

The archive, the library and the museum are three of the most outstanding cultural assets of the Desert de Les Palmes Natural Park.

Two rooms were inaugurated in 1971 in which the most significant works of the convent were exhibited. The reception was so favourable that it prompted the monks to undertake a larger project, for which pieces of special artistic value were collected from different convents of the Order.

The province of the Discalced Carmelites of Aragon and Valencia continues to have ownership of the works together with these convents. The process of incorporating works has increased in recent years, as has the restoration of those that require it.

Today, it has a truly unique collection that spans a wide range of origins in both space and time. All kinds of pieces can be admired at the museum, including pottery, painting, sculpture, gold and silver work, embroidery and engravings from different parts of Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, and the Philippines, among others.

A unique testimony to the art that visitors can enjoy is the 18th century ceramic altarpiece with the Oración del Carmelita, possibly one of the largest pieces to come out of the Real Fábrica del Conde de Aranda in L'Alcora. Other works bear witness to important events linked to the Order.

You can also see a collection of Russian icons that will invite you to discover an artistic and spiritual code not commonly seen in the West. The languages of medieval art and spirituality are reflected in some very beautiful pieces.

The whole collection is displayed alongside works by the most outstanding masters of painting and sculpture. Juan de Juanes, Ribera, Salzillo, Gregorio Fernández, José and Ignacio Vergara, Viladomat, Vicente López, Maella and Mengs are just some of the interesting and surprising examples of the art treasured in the museum.

Visits to the Museum of Sacred Art:
Please call (+34) 964 30 09 50 to arrange a visit.