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New scenic cycle tourism route

Benicàssim has a new scenic cycle tourism route with four rest areas and eleven information panels.

The new scenic cycle tourism route around Benicàssim is undoubtedly one of the most impressive in the whole of Valencia, both thanks to the rest areas and information panels available, and the landscapes that you can see from different perspectives.

Benicàssim has 8287 metres of new cycle lanes which, added to the existing 4946.50 metres, results in almost 15 km of lanes adapted for cyclists.

La Curva and Torre de Sant Vicent have been joined to this project thanks to the extension of the cycle lane from Heliópolis, financed by the Ministry of Tourism as part of the Plan for Tourism Excellence complementary measures and the Town Council's own contribution. From there, the path goes up Calle Torre de Sant Vicent to the Old Town, where it joins a new section that has been built on the existing boulevard over the old railway line. It continues on to Avenida Mohino, where it joins the current cycle lane to Camino La Ratlla. Here, a new section goes down to La Curva to join the cycle lane running along Avenida Ferrandis Salvador on the Heliópolis promenade.

The route has four rest areas equipped with bike racks, bins, information panels and benches:

First Area: Torre de Sant Vicent gardens, located in the recently remodelled park with sufficient equipment and benches to relax and contemplate the magnificent 16th century tower next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Second Area: In front of the football fields on Avinguda Els Frares.

Third Area: Next to the Illa La Ferrera public park.

Fourth Area: Camino La Ratlla

All sections are between 220 and 280 cm wide, making it the safest route. Furthermore, vehicles and bicycles do not share the road at any point, giving the route optimum usage parameters. Reflective cylindrical markers have also been installed on some sections of the road to ensure the safety of cyclists.