Francesc Tàrrega Municipal Theatre


Artistic specifications: Autoría y dirección: Rafa Sánchez; Intérpretes: Erik Llatser, Noelia Parra, Robert Marzà, Ana Cardona, Mili Mieres, Guillem Sanjuan, Laura Albiol, Anneta García, Oscar Àvila, Pelli Colom, María González, Cristian Queralt, Aylin Nicole; Música: Juanjo Villarroya. Vestuario: Sara Recatalà



No recomendada para menores de 12 años


Synopsis: We Will Never Be Champions. We do not possess sculpted bodies or exceptional minds, but here we are on the front line ready to give it our all. We are going to share our dreams, our failures, our disappointments. We are going to laugh at ourselves and get excited, and with all of this, we are going to compete in the game of life. We do not want anything handed to us. We know we will never be champions and we do not care.
We are a small performing arts group formed in 2017, and the project we are currently working on is a play called “We Will Never Be Champions”. This play will be performed solely by 13 actors and actresses with intellectual disabilities. The play is about a group of people who reach a place where they have been asked to get ready for the race of their lives. They will share with us their dreams, their failures, their experiences, and more. They will show us their skills and ineptitudes, and with all of this, they will be ready to position themselves on the starting line. They will never be champions and they do not care, but they will give it their all. Starting with a work exploring the characters we will begin developing the biography of the group, where at the same time we will work with interviews with the families which will provide us access to material to help nurture the intrinsic part of the work, this being another way of making their reality visible.

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