Modern life imposes rhythms of life that directly affect our well-being and our health, therefore, more and more people are looking for tourism formulas that allow them to recover from stress, fatigue… or bad habits linked to them during their rest and vacation periods.

It is about disconnecting from the frenetic and exhausting lifestyle to find the balance between body and mind.

To achieve these objectives Benicàssim has an unbeatable environment and a series of specialized establishments that will be at the service of tourists and visitors.

Health and Wellness Services Catalogue

The Thalasso Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet is located on the side of a mountain very close to the sea. It is a health center where cures are practiced through thalassotherapy services. Thalassotherapy is a medically recognized term that circumscribes its scope within the therapeutic techniques and procedures of hydrotherapy for being the combined use, under medical supervision and with a preventive or curative objective of the advantages of the marine environment that includes the marine climate, seawater, sea mud, algae and other substances extracted from the sea. The meaning of Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek: Thalasso-sea water- and Therapaia-Treatment.

Sea water is highly beneficial for the body, especially indicated for stress, fatigue, anxiety, rheumatologic and muscular problems, dermatological processes.

Thalassotherapy Center: health and rest our main objective.

We live in an era in which it seems that everyone is in a hurry to get to nowhere. This generates stress and a loss of vitality and enjoyment of our day to day life.

The Bodywisdom Congress proposes to recover the quality of life through Conscious Movement.

Conscious movement promotes body awareness through devoting 100% of our attention to our movements, your body learns (or rediscovers) how to move easily in an optimal way, being key to the prevention of many injuries, premature aging, decision making and even how it affects awareness in our relationships.

Conscious movement is an effective way to reduce stress and its consequences, and has associated with it a number of physical benefits. Studies have shown that Yoga and Tai chi provide increased flexibility, better balance and coordination, improved response times and lung function, increased cardiovascular conditioning. Psychological benefits include relaxation, increased serenity and concentration and an overall improvement in mood. Conscious movement leads to your body and mind having to work together, which makes you gain a greater awareness of your body and how it works, and how your mental and emotional patterns are related to your movements and postures.

Event “Benicàssim Inspira” relax, health, rest, quality of life and sustainability. Held in different parts of the municipality: Desierto de las Palmas, Benicàssim beaches, Via Verde, Villa Elisa.

Activities open to the general public and totally free.

Workshops, gymnastics for seniors, taichi on the beach, walk through the Desierto de las Palmas with show-cooking, conferences, colloquiums, etc.

The next edition will be held on 4th and 5th of June 2022.

Kinesis Benicasim

Address: C/ Desert, 2 bajo
Phone: 964 30 02 75

Kinesis has a team of physiotherapists, specialists in manual therapies and different types of massage. They attend their patients, always under the premise of offering the highest quality care in physiotherapy and dedicate to each person the time they need.

Address:  Plaza de la Estación, 9
Phone:  964 30 38 39

Natural and ecological products

Organic supermarket: food, cosmetics, supplements, cleaning and other household products.

Address: Gimeno Tomás Avenue, 1
Phone: 964 39 20 00
Fax:964 39 23 79

Address: Gimeno Tomás Avenue, 9
Phone: 964 39 44 00
Fax: 964 30 15 41

Address: Gimeno Tomás Avenue, 3
Phone: 964 39 24 80
Fax: 964 39 56 01